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At BrandDad Digital, we don’t believe in spending good money after bad outcomes. Effective paid media campaigns should involve intense research, expert copy, appropriate landing pages or graphics, and ongoing analysis and optimization to? reduce wasted ad spend and maximize ROI. Our process involves diving deep into relevant data to ensure that your paid media campaign goes off without a hitch.?

Everybody wants to find success with their paid media efforts. However, not everyone has laid the necessary groundwork to achieve that success, especially with platforms changing so often. That’s why you come to a professional organization like us who are well-versed in helping you achieve the results you desire and stay up to date on all things paid media.


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Search Engine Marketing refers to paying for advertising space located on search engine results pages (SERPs) to show your ad when people type in certain keywords and phrases. These are also referred to as PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ads, with the most popular being Google Ads, based on the fact you’re only charged when a user clicks on your actual ad. Sounds simple enough but we can assure you, chancing PPC ads without the proper knowledge and expertise isn’t much different than throwing money at the wind.

While knowing which keywords to target is important, there’s much more to search engine marketing than that. During our keyword planning phase, we’ll analyze keywords for their monthly search volume, search difficulty and cost per click to hone in on our target keywords and have an idea of certain keywords to exclude. From there, we’ll define our audience, ad copy, landing pages, KPI’s, ad structures, and more until we have concise, conversion-ready ads.

Search Engine Marketing doesn’t just end after launching ads either. As we track the data of campaigns, we’ll continually optimize them on an ongoing basis by excluding certain search terms, monitoring placements, monitoring clicks and conversions, adjusting bid amounts, adjusting demographics, and anything else necessary to make them as effective as possible. When done correctly, a properly implemented Google PPC campaign will show a tremendous return on your investment. We’ll not just inform you of this return, but we’ll SHOW you with detailed campaign tracking and regular reporting so you can see tangible results on an ongoing basis.

Marketing specialist viewing his notes in office With the variety of demographics, groups, communities, and regular active users among social media platforms, social media ads are a great way to leverage those platforms. Facebook alone has over 2 billion monthly active users and if you’re not currently using it, you can bet your customers are, and if you aren’t currently advertising on it, you can bet your competitors are.

Social media advertising is not what it was a few years ago. The incredibly intuitive platforms have inspired hundreds of thousands of advertisers and business owners alike to join in and strike their luck with social media ads. However, the majority quickly realize there’s much more than meets the eye to have success at it.

The numbers don’t lie and they show over?90% of brands use social media and 2019 social media ad spend is estimated to reach nearly $93 billion.?Clearly, social media advertising is effective and often very necessary. However, it takes marketing knowledge and experience, and a thorough understanding of social media platforms and their users, which is why we’re here to help.

When customers view your website, Facebook ads, or Google ads, they don’t always buy. In reality, the percentage of people that do buy on the first visit are extremely low. However, using the proper retargeting campaign, you can continue advertising to those customers to remain relevant in their minds and help convince them to convert.

Retargeting works by using pixels, often on your website, Facebook ad, or Google ad. If users didn’t perform a certain action on your site or ad such as make a purchase, their web browsing patterns and behaviors are then tracked and your ads presented as they surf the internet.?

You may have noticed that after you visited a certain website, you’re now all the sudden seeing ads of theirs when you view other websites. That’s how retargeting works and it’s very effective at obtaining new customers. Schedule a free strategy call with us today to discuss your retargeting campaign options.

Q: Why is retargeting important?

A: Typically, only a small percentage of users make a purchase the first time they’re presented something. There’s a common stat stating a conversion takes an average of 5 to 7 touches with a consumer. Retargeting keeps your brand in front of consumers until they’re ready to convert. Retargeting has often been shown to increase conversions several fold from the original ad they were retargeted off of.

Q: Where do the retargeting ads display?

A: This just depends on the pixel used and ad used. Users can be retargeted throughout the Google Display Network and a few additional channels, Instagram, and of course Facebook.

Tracking your results will allow you to engage in finely tuned optimization to improve and grow. If you don’t know where you stand, how can you determine how to improve.

Common Paid Media Channels:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Bing
  • Youtube

By using tools like Google analytics and other proprietary programs, we’re able to provide monthly reports that show your actual growth or decline. This allows us to track the results that matter to you, and discover what areas are most successful and which need more focus or fine-tuning.?

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